January 18, 2021


The retail industry is experiencing massive competition day by day and the only solution existing is to advocate smart software solutions to win more sales and boost customer experience. The Point Of Sale is one such software that has immensely contributed to the retail industry to evolve and adapt to the current scenario.

Let’s check the steps to choose the best POS system for your Supermarkets in detail:

  • Customer Requirements: Having a clear idea of your customer requirements play a key role in choosing the best Retail POS Software for your organization. Including features like multiple payment options, user-friendliness, etc can have a huge impact on business. Your Supermarket POS Softwareshould include such features for better results.
  • Security: Safeguarding your customer’s vital data including credit/debit card details while making payment plays a vital role in the current digital era. Your Retail POS Software Software should have very high-security features that can safeguard all the crucial data of customers and your business.
  • Multi-store Management Feature: In case you own multiple stores in a location or different stores having a Point Of Sale Softwarewill be an added advantage. It can help you track data across multiple stores, track employee data, and even inventory too.
  • Further Technical support: Choosing a provider who delivers further technical assistance after the initial installation of the POS System should be taken into consideration while opting for a POS System.
  • Budget: Choosing the right Supermarket POS depending on your requirements and budget is one of the key factors one should keep in mind before opting for your Supermarket Point Of Sale System.
  • Payment options: Opting for a POS that supports multiple payment options including mobile payment, cash payment, credit/debit card for your customers to choose their convenient payment method after purchase is also very important.

At Al Hadaba International we provide the best Supermarket POS in UAE for your store to function in the most productive manner catering to all your business requirements.