RetailX POS

RetailX Market Point-of-Sale (POS) system provides retailers the preeminent tools and functionality to run their businesses with less effort …

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PharmaX POS

PharmaX Pharmacy Point-of-Sale (POS) system understands your pharmacy business and provides you an innovative software partner …

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RetailX- Cafe POS

RetailX Cafe Point-of-Sale (POS) system is developed to meet your needs to effectively manage your operations. It can provide integrated Online …

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RetailX Warehouse

RetailX warehouse primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials in a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including …

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RetailX E-Management

RetailX E-Management is the ideal software package that provides a complete management system for human resources operations in …

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RetailX Reports

RetailX reports is our latest mobile application which allows you to link with our main systems are generate various key financial reports directly …

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Our company also has a product for Hospitals and clinics. This product is designed with the goal to help such establishments run …

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What our customers say

Best place for all things related to setting up systems. Very friendly staff that is willing to provide the best service.

Abdul Sathar, Hypermarket

Worth every single dirham paid.

Khalid Ahmad, Cafe

Excellent customer services, Al Hadaba is proactive in settling all issues that arise.

Maria Rosario, Pharmacy

The most powerful business solution vouchsafer in the industry! Al Hadaba is a leading business solution company in UAE that renders the best POS and management solutions.

Majid Ali, Hypermarket

The POS system provided by Al Hadaba is very user friendly and the perfect supplement to my business.

Ritesh Sharma, Supermarket

They provide great customer service and even trained to staff quite thoroughly.

Antony Pulikal, Cafe